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Name: Richard Grohsmann

Birthday: December 3, 1954

Profession: Diploma Social-Educator

Hobbies: Music, Trips, Astronomy, Computer


Nearly ten years I worked as a DJ on the side of my profession. I put records on the turntable in big dance halls with more than 1,000 visitors. So I have a big collection of records, CD's and tapes, which start in the sixties and reach until today. I hear all what I like from disco to classic.
By the way I also offer my service on private parties and this for little money. If you want more informations about this, please contact me by e-mail. You can find my e-mail address on the main site.


I did much traveling all over the world:

1988 Israel and Cairo (Egypt)
1989/90 New Zealand and Fiji-Islands
1994 Australia
1995 Bolivia
1996 USA
1998 Hawaii
1998 China
2000 Canada
2001 Namibia
2002 Vietnam
In addition I visited many countries of Western Europe. My favorite countries are Norway and Sweden. Besides Scandinavia I often visited Greece. I speak English, Swedish and a little bit French. So I can make myself understood when I'm abroad.


Since my 13th age I have a big interest in the stars. I read so much scientific books about this theme and I think it is fascinated. Until today I feel attracted to the space. Our planet is the most beautiful in the whole Solar-System and maybe in the closer neighborhood. I think it is a specific feature, that our Earth is largely covered with liquid water, if you compare her at least with other planets of the Solar-System. Unfortunately the mankind doesn't appreciate, that they are living in a paradise.

That's why we have to protect our planet against destruction and keep for the world around us !


With computers I'm busy since 1989 and I started as a beginner with the work. In earlier times the operations of programs are not so easy as today. You had to learn so much by heart. Today you have to press only a button and all goes by itself. I'm not a really player. On the contrary I construct applications for data base, table calculation and word processing programs for private and profession. A little bit I know about to program a computer.

So, it's enough for this time. I hope your curiosity is satisfied now. If you have any questions, please send a message to me.


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