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If you want to have a quick view of all modifications, you can find all updates since April 12, 1997 at this site !

July 27, 2002   Changing my Domain   www.ritchie-web.de
July 30, 2000   Update of the Travel Site   Trips all over the world
November 21, 1999    Update of the Star Trek Voyager
   Episodes Site
   Star Trek Voyager
   New Episodes of the sixth
November 14, 1999    Update of the Crusade Site
   New Episode of the first Season
November 8, 1999    Update of the Star Trek - Deep Space
   Nine Episodes Site
   Star Trek - Deep Space Nine
   New Episodes of the seventh
June 19, 1999   New Site - The Crusade Crew   The Crusade Crew
June 6, 1999   The Crusade Web-Gallery   Crusade Web-Gallery
   The latest images are available
May 10, 1999   The next Voyager Episode
   The private Roxann Dawson and
   Kate Mulgrew
   The private Roxann Dawson
April 20, 1999   Update of the Science-Fiction Site   Science-Fiction
   Crusade-Link added
November 1, 1998    Update of the Star Trek Movie Site   "Insurrection"
   The new Star Trek Movie,
   now with screen-shots
October 27, 1998    Update of the Babylon 5 Site   Babylon 5
   The fourth and fifth Season
   and a new Babylon 5 Collage
October 27, 1998   New Informations about the Fifth Season
   of Babylon 5 and the Crew
   New Infos about the Fifth Season
   now with Intro and the
   new Theme Music
September 6, 1998   Update of the Personnel Site   Personnel Page
January 25, 1998   Update of the Astronomy Site   Spaceflight and Astronomy
   Pluto - The ninth Planet
September 28, 1997   Update of the Astronomy Site and
   shut down of the Pathfinder Site
September 14, 1997   Update of different Sites
May 24, 1997   Update of the Babylon 5 Site and
   shut down of the English episode guide
April 27, 1997   Separation of the Voyager- and Babylon 5
April 13, 1997   Modification of the page layout
April 13, 1997   Shut down of the Music Site

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