The Crusade Crew

Captain Mathew Gideonplayed by Gary Cole
Even among the extraordinary group of men who command Explorer-class ships, Gideon is unusual. Soft-spoken and brooding, he can explode into action without warning. These qualities explain why he was chosen to be captain of the Excalibur - and why the choice was controversial. Gideon will do what he feels is right, no matter how many people he offends. He is also fiercely loyal and unswerving in fulfilling his ultimate duty.

Dureena Nafeelplayed by Carrie Dobro
Filch, pickpocket, lock-pick, tunnel rat: all of the above epithets give Dureena, member of the notorious Thieves' Guild, a glow of satisfaction. But she has a melancholy side as well: while Dureena was off-world, her planet was murdered by the Drakh. For her, the Excalibur's mission to find a cure for the Drakh Plague is a chance to pay back the Drakh, and undo what they hoped to achieve.

Lieutenant John Mathesonplayed by Daniel Dae Kim
Matheson is the ultimate second-in-command, seeming to read his commander's mind. This he most assuredly does not do; Matheson is a telepath, one of the first to be allowed into the Earth Alliance since the disbanding of the Psi Corps. His steadfast commitment to his duty is occasionally leavened by a puckish sense of humor.

Dr. Sarah Chambersplayed by Marjean Holden
The head of the Excalibur's medical department is a dedicated professional. She left a sister back on Earth - a situation Dr. Chambers would have preferred to repair by joining her sister on the poisoned world. Instead, she ferociously applies her knowledge to finding a cure for the plague, and clings to her humanity in the face of possible extinction.

Max Eilersonplayed by David Alan Brooks
As an employee of InterPlanetary Expeditions, Eilerson has only one real question: how much money can an artifact bring on the open market? He is mercenary, cynical, self-serving ... and those are his more pleasant qualities. But, as an archaeologist and as a linguist beyond compare - Eilerson often translates as he hears a spoken language! - he is a necessary evil whom Capt. Gideon is willing to put up with.

Captain Elizabeth Lochleyplayed by Tracy Scoggins
A career member of the Earth Alliance from a tradition of loyalty to Earthforce, Lochley is the current commander of the space station Babylon 5. Serious to the point of severity on duty, she has a quirky side when off-duty. Lochley also works hard to keep herself in shape ... perhaps to burn off the calories from her "forays" of the seedier parts of Babylon 5.

Galenplayed by Peter Woodward
Galen is a Technomage, a member of an Order which uses advanced technology in "magical" ways. A mysterious and melancholy being, Galen has been expelled from his Order because of his intense desire to help "lesser creatures" ... such as Matthew Gideon. He accompanies the mission, but - as he often stays in his ship - is apart from its people.

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